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Tedlar Gas Sampling Bags

   * Use to collect and store many types of gases, soil, and liquids
   * Extremely low permeability
   * Double leak-proof welded seams
   * Lightweight, reusable, strong

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    MiDan Sampling Bags are made from TedlarTM polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film with heat sealed, leak-proof, double seams.  Tedlar is chemically inert and will not absorb or contaminate the samples normally encountered in air monitoring, emission testing and nuclear gas collecting.  Extremely low permeability insures minimum sample loss.
    MiDan Sampling Bags are strong, flexible and easy to use.  They have long storage life and can be reused.  A standard MD fitting or alternate optional valves are installed on each bag.  Two fittings per bag, for easy purging, are also available, as are custom bags with special sizes and shapes.
    The bags are custom made at MiDan's Chino, California manufacturing facility.  The Tedlar film is cut to size; holes are punched and the proper fitting and reinforcements installed; the seams are then double welded to complete the bag.
    All sampling bags are pressure tested and inspected to insure seam fitting integrity.  This custom construction and 100% testing insures that customer specifications are met.  Delivery time is short, and MiDan sampling bags are shipped anywhere in the world.
    NOTE: MiDan's Sampling Bags are available in black Tedlar
TM where light blocking is required.

Volume (liter) Bag Size (in) (cm)
0.5 6 x7 15 x 18
1.0 7 x 9 17 x 23
2.0 9 x 12 23 x 30
3.0 12 x 12 30 x 30
5.0 9 x 22 23 x 56
10.0 12 x 22 30 x 56
15.0 18 x 18 46 x 46
20.0 18 x 25 46 x 64
25.0 18 x 32 46 x 81
30.0 18 x 36 46 x 91
50.0 18 x 60 46 x 152
100.0 36 x 48 91 x 122
MiDan  Dual Fitting
Sample Bag
MiDan Sample Bag
With Septum
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MiDan Light
Blocking Bag

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MiDan Pulse Pump and Sample Bag
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MiDan Bag With Standard Fitting MiDan Bag With Dual Fitting
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MiDan Light Blocking Bag MiDan Standard Fitting Bag With Septum
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