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    Tedlar Gas Bag Accessories:

  • Standard Fittings

  • Teflon Bulkhead Union

  • Halkey-Roberts 30 AL, on/off, barbed valve

  • Quick disconnect (required for PP III & AQS)

  • JACO bulkhead union

  • Swagelock bulkhead (stainless steel)

  • Septa, Teflon in JACO bulkhead union

  • Extra pinch clamp and Tygon tubing

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   NOTE: For ease of purging, two fittings per bag are available.  Custom bags in special shapes and sizes are also available - contact factory for details.

    Pulse Pump III Accessories:

  • Spare pump for Pulse Pump III

  • Rechargeable Nicad Batteries for PP III with charger

  • Alkaline batteries for PP III

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